Monday, April 23, 2007

We did it!

Whew! What a day. Saturday was the official TKG Spring 2007 Westside Shop Hop, and it totally rocked. I took so many pictures I couldn't possibly fit them all in this little post, so I set up a gallery on Flickr (click here to see all the great pics). There are also posts from several attendees about the day, which I've linked to below. If you are a blogger and Shop Hop attendee not listed below, please leave a link to your write-up in the comments!

I will also get the sponsor list updated ASAP (I know you've heard that one before, but I really am going to make an effort!) Our generous shops and sponsors totally made the day. If you were a shop hopper, please go to the sponsors' websites and let them know how great the day was and how much their contributions meant to you. Make sure you also thank them by requesting their products at your local shop! And don't forget to let your shops know how much fun you had visiting them and being tempted by all of their wonderful yarn. Mimosas, wine & cheese, goodie plates and trunk shows - these shops really know how to treat their knitters right!

Thanks to everyone who attended - I really enjoyed meeting and hanging out with all of you, and I know the rest of the Shop Hop committee (Katrina, Donna & Lynette) did as well. If you aren't a guild member and want to be sure to get in on the next Shop Hop (it could be as soon as this fall, although the committee needs to recover from this one first), subscribe to this blog's feed OR (better yet) join the guild to be sure you won't miss out on getting a seat.

Here are some links to reviews of the day:
* My review
* Amanda's review
* Katrina's review
* Cindy's review

Thanks again to everyone for a fabulous day of fun and more yarn than you could shake a stick at!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We are full!

The shop hop is full, and everyone should be getting their confirmation packets in the mail this week. We have been busily gearing up behind the scenes, and last night we got together to assemble the goodie bags and raffle prizes. Just to give you some idea of the scale involved...

Here are the boxes that the goodie bags were packed in:

Here are the assembled bags with all the goodies inside (and we got some GREAT stuff - good thing the bags were so big!):

Finally, here's a glimpse of some of the raffle prizes that will be given away on the bus. We've had such generosity from our sponsors, there will be enough raffle prizes for everyone on the bus. Some of them are absolutely amazing - there are lots of complete kits from yarn companies like Plymouth, Brown Sheep and Blue Sky Alpacas, just to name a few - but everyone will get something great.

I haven't updated our list of sponsors in the sidebar - there are many more than I've mentioned so far. We will get the complete list up very soon, and there will also be a list of sponsors in the folder you'll get on Shop Hop day so you'll know who to thank for the wonderful donations.

Are you as excited about the hop as I am?!?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

List of shops & goodie bag teaser...

Hello, shop hoppers! We've finalized the list of stores participating in the shop hop. We will be visiting:

All About Yarn
Molehill Farm
Dublin Bay Knitting Co
Knitting Bee

These are all fantastic shops and they will be offering great discounts to shop hoppers. Come and pet some yarn!

We've also snagged some amazing raffle prizes and goodie bag stuffers. And the bags themselves - oh, my! Would you like to carry your knitting around in one of these?!?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring 2007 Westside Shop Hop!

Greetings, shop hoppers! The Westside Shop Hop is coming up next month, on April 21st from 9 am to 5 pm. We will be visiting five or six Westside shops, getting great discounts and petting lots of pretty yarn. Join us and you'll get to ride in luxury on a tour bus from shop to shop and visit all of the new spring yarns in person! It's sure to be a great time (you can scroll down to see pictures of last year's Eastside shop hop, which was a total blast).

The Shop Hop committee is working busily to secure shop agreements, discounts, goodies for the goody bags and raffle prizes for bus riders. When we get new items, we'll be posting them here as appetizers (although we will save some surprises for Shop Hop day). If you're currently a member of the guild, you should've gotten registration info in your March newsletter. If you're not a guild member but would like to join the fun, here's how!

There are 55 seats on the bus, and last spring there was a waiting list, so you'll want to secure your seat ASAP. The seats will be offered to guild members first, and any leftovers will be offered to the general public as of March 22. The best way to get your seat is to join the guild! You can do this at the same time you register for the shop hop by including the $24 membership fee along with your $35 shop hop payment. If you don't want to join the guild, you can still submit your payment right away and this will give you first shot at the general public seats when they open up on the 22nd. If the bus fills before you get a seat, your payment will be promptly refunded to you (minus any PayPal service fees). Seats will be filled based on when payment is received, either in the mail or via PayPal. A bounced check will result in loss of your seat to someone on the waiting list!

To pay via PayPal, use this button for members:

TKG Member - $35 + $1.32 PayPal Fee = $36.32

Use this if you're not a member, but would like to join along with your shop hop registration:

Membership + Shop Hop - $59 ($35 for shop hop, $24 for membership) + $2.02 PayPal Fee = $61.02

Use this button if you're not a member and just want to sign up for the Shop Hop:

TKG Non-Member - $45 + $1.61 PayPal Fee = $46.61

Please make sure you include your correct e-mail address along with your mailing address and phone number. If you don't include this stuff, you will not get a spot on the bus until we can confirm your info. We need your info in order to communicate with you about the shop hop! It won't be used for anything else, we promise!

If you are not a current member but would like to pay by mail instead of via PayPal, please e-mail me at knittinmom at gmail dot com and I will e-mail you a registration form.

We can't wait to see you on the bus!
Your Shop Hop Committee,
Katrina, Donna, Lynette & Chrissy