Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring 2007 Westside Shop Hop!

Greetings, shop hoppers! The Westside Shop Hop is coming up next month, on April 21st from 9 am to 5 pm. We will be visiting five or six Westside shops, getting great discounts and petting lots of pretty yarn. Join us and you'll get to ride in luxury on a tour bus from shop to shop and visit all of the new spring yarns in person! It's sure to be a great time (you can scroll down to see pictures of last year's Eastside shop hop, which was a total blast).

The Shop Hop committee is working busily to secure shop agreements, discounts, goodies for the goody bags and raffle prizes for bus riders. When we get new items, we'll be posting them here as appetizers (although we will save some surprises for Shop Hop day). If you're currently a member of the guild, you should've gotten registration info in your March newsletter. If you're not a guild member but would like to join the fun, here's how!

There are 55 seats on the bus, and last spring there was a waiting list, so you'll want to secure your seat ASAP. The seats will be offered to guild members first, and any leftovers will be offered to the general public as of March 22. The best way to get your seat is to join the guild! You can do this at the same time you register for the shop hop by including the $24 membership fee along with your $35 shop hop payment. If you don't want to join the guild, you can still submit your payment right away and this will give you first shot at the general public seats when they open up on the 22nd. If the bus fills before you get a seat, your payment will be promptly refunded to you (minus any PayPal service fees). Seats will be filled based on when payment is received, either in the mail or via PayPal. A bounced check will result in loss of your seat to someone on the waiting list!

To pay via PayPal, use this button for members:

TKG Member - $35 + $1.32 PayPal Fee = $36.32

Use this if you're not a member, but would like to join along with your shop hop registration:

Membership + Shop Hop - $59 ($35 for shop hop, $24 for membership) + $2.02 PayPal Fee = $61.02

Use this button if you're not a member and just want to sign up for the Shop Hop:

TKG Non-Member - $45 + $1.61 PayPal Fee = $46.61

Please make sure you include your correct e-mail address along with your mailing address and phone number. If you don't include this stuff, you will not get a spot on the bus until we can confirm your info. We need your info in order to communicate with you about the shop hop! It won't be used for anything else, we promise!

If you are not a current member but would like to pay by mail instead of via PayPal, please e-mail me at knittinmom at gmail dot com and I will e-mail you a registration form.

We can't wait to see you on the bus!
Your Shop Hop Committee,
Katrina, Donna, Lynette & Chrissy

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